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Mineral of our Hot Springs

Elements Of the Water

Our hot mineral water comes from 35,000ft. beneath the surface. Naturally heated by the Earth, the water is forced through a large crack leading to the surface. It has been said that we have the best water in Colorado.

Sodium - 435mg/l - Balances fluid in the body, helps regulate blood pressure and blood volume.

Sulfate - 145mg/l - Essential for hair, nails, and skin; helps flush toxins to purify and detoxify the body.

Chloride - 145mg/l - Balances the pH level in your body.

Silica - 33mg/l - Reduces aches and pains, helps maintain flexibility.

Potassium - 24mg/l - Helps organs and muscle function.

Calcium - 15mg/l - Build bones, teeth, and maintains bone strength. 

Fluoride - 11mg/l - Helps Strengthen teeth.

Magnesium - 3.2mg/l - Muscle Relaxant, increases energy levels, helps in absorption of minerals.

Lithium - 1.3 mg/l - Promotes Tranquility.

Trace Elements Of:

Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

Minerals: Facilities
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